7 Types of Online Advertising You Need To Know About

7 Types of Online Advertising You Need To Know About

There are many ways in which businesses promote their business online. We can see it everywhere: pictures, gifs and videos of businesses promoting their offers. What you need to know is that that is all part of their advertising strategy. Many websites garner a lot of traffic; take for instance the Swarowski, H&M website, Steam or bets-ph.com websites – even though they are all from different industries, they are all well-known among their target audiences.

There are many different types of online advertising and choosing the right one for you means that first, you have to understand how each of them works.

Video Ads

Video Ads are a newer form on online advertising With the new and improved smartphones, video ads just made more sense. They are also very popular among younger generation of users. According to certain statistics, video ads have reached as much as $5 billion in revenue, more than half of consumers watch the video add in its entirety.  

Affiliate Marketing

If you own a website and through it, you are promoting another company or their product for which you are getting a commission, then you understand how affiliate marketing works. This form of online marketing is mostly used with blogs that have a significant number of followers. 


A user is not always sure of what he or she wants. Therefore, they tend to ignore the ads, especially if these ads are showing something they don’t care about. Retargeting or remarketing uses cookie-based technology that tracks the user’s preferences online. With the newly acquired information about the user, this technology tries to remarket that specific user.

It is important to know that only a small percentage of users converts right away.


Pay Per Click ads are paid only when a user clicks on them. This technology doesn’t care about the users who have seen the advertisement but only about those who click on it.  Pay Per Click adds come in a text format, and sometimes with a small image. 

Native advertising

Often found on social media or blogs, native adds try to blend as much as they can in the media format in which they are placed. They usually recommend similar content like the one that surrounds them, making them look as natural as possible.

Social Media

The power of social media in today’s society can’t be denied. It has influenced our lives in almost every possible way, and for over 10 years social media has been the leading tool in acquiring different kinds of information for people worldwide. Advertisers saw this as an opportunity to reach even more users in a natural and fun way.  

There are two types of social media marketing – organic and paid. Paid or sponsored ads can help your ad to be noticed by many people who you would otherwise never reach.

The most popular social media platforms that are used for advertising are Twitter and Facebook.


These two forms of online advertising are familiar to most of the website owners. They are used to optimize the online content so you would get better results on search engines. By improving the content that is found on your blog or website (adding necessary keywords for example) it will be easier for users to find you, and therefore your company or product. The constat work on your online presence is the only thing that will guarantee this kind of

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