Top 5 Universities Worldwide

Top 5 Universities Worldwide

Choosing the right school means different things to different people. Location, budget, grades, are just some of the things that we take into consideration when opting for a university. However, in a perfect situation, in which the students only need to think about the best education that they will receive, they will think about the top-notch universities in the world. 

If you are interested in discovering which of the universities around the globe has made it to our top 5 list, you can find out more in the text below.

Harvard University

Located in Cambridge Massachusetts, Harvard has been the leading university in the world for years. This oldest college in the US was founded in 1636. Known for its famous alumni, this university has been providing generous financial aid to its students, making it possible for the ambitious, hard-working young people to enroll in an Ivy League school.

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Established in 1861, MIT is located in Cambridge and one of the favorite universities among students from around the world. Dedicated to different science and technology studies, this university has formed over 90 Nobel Laureates and 100 Pulitzer prize winners. 

Stanford University

Another US college to make it to our list was founded in 1891. Among the first universities to support co-education, even in the time when most of the universities were reserved only for men. Fun fact is that the largest number of Turing Awards was received by people who attended Stanford, but also over 200 Olympic medals, and several Pulitzer and Noble Laureates. 

University Of Cambridge

There is not a single student in the world who hasn’t heard of Cambridge University. One of the oldest universities in the UK was founded in 1203. It is composed of 31 colleges. Aspiring mathematicians usually opt for Cambridge since it is one of the fields that this university is really focused on. Cambridge features one of the greatest collections of books in the world since it has 100 libraries with over 150 million books in total. Among these books, you can even see pieces of history like the original manuscript of Winnie the Pooh or Newton’s notebooks. 

University of Oxford

With 32 colleges, Oxford is another UK college that has found a rightful place on our list. Even though it welcomes students from almost any field, and provides them with excellent curriculums, it has a really hard entrance exam that only the best can pass. Famous writers like Tolkien and King have attended Oxford University, but also over 20 British prime ministers. Even sports don’t get neglected, since Oxford has generated over 100 Olympic medalists. 

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