Unusual Career Choices That Aren’t Too Bad

Unusual Career Choices That Aren’t Too Bad

Career choice is one of the life-defining decisions for many people out there. Of course, there are those who don’t think about it too much about a career they more or less have other passions they pursue and they are just looking for a steady job. However, there are some careers you probably never heard about, and some of them even sound like a dream job. So, it would be fun just to list a couple of these jobs, just so you can know what you are missing. Who knows maybe you decide to pivot from your field and pursue one of these positions. 

Snuggler for hire

This is one of those professions that walks a thin line between adorable and outright creepy. Believe it or not, there are agencies where you can hire a person to give you hugs so that you can feel better. The job actually pays between $60 and $80 per hour, so long as you can provide professional cuddling experience. Just so you know, it is only hugs and nothing more.

Tasting pet food

Most of you who are pet owners probably tasted or at least sniffed the food your pet eats and found out it’s nothing to write home about. Well, there are people who actually taste the food for a living. They need to evaluate flavors, nutrition, and overall quality. I guess if you love pet food this doesn’t sound bad, but it really feels more like an internet challenge than a job. 

Bed Tester

Now we are talking, this sounds like a job you can only win in a lottery. You get to test mattresses and pillows for companies or hotels. Imagine saying, this bed doesn’t feel comfortable, and getting a reply – “Impossible it was tested by a professional.” Moreover, this position includes sleeping! That’s right you get paid for sleeping in hotels. It’s also worth mentioning that it is a serious job after all, as you need to lie down and see if the mattress has any dips, and evaluate if edges of the bed can bear enough weight. 

Sniffing armpits

Nope, it’s not something that came out of a “truth or dare” game, once again this is an actual job, and it’s not as bad as you might think. It is really a quality assurance testing for deodorant company products. What you need to do is evaluate the effectiveness of a certain deodorant, and you’ll likely have to smell around 50 – 60 armpits per hour. It’s really an easy job, but it’s understandable if you are not immediately attracted to it, even if the products smell sweet. 

Body Part Model

Being a model is hard work, you are constantly busy, you have a strict diet and demanding workout routine. Luckily, there is a type of modeling that does not come with all that baggage, and that is body part modeling. Sometimes all you need to have are beautiful hands, or facial skin, or teeth, or any body part that is required for a specific product commercial.

Also, a body part model can be someone with ugly feet for example, as those are also needed in a commercial. To top it all, the job actually pays pretty well, like $1000 per day.  

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